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FlexPro 50: Modular machine concept for aseptic and aseptic toxic processing of syringes, vials, cartridges and eye drop container

Technical Features

  • Designed for highest OEB and BSL level
  • Processing of up to 5,000 objects/h
  • RTU container up to 4″ tub-size
  • Vials in bulk, trays and eye drop containers
  • Manual or fully automed IPC up to 100%
  • Peristaltic pumps, rotary piston pumps or combi filling system
  • Designed to use groninger single-use rotary piston pumps
  • Nitrogen gassing during filling and stoppering
  • Vacuum filling and stoppering
  • Robotic denesting and single-reject
  • CE and UL version
  • Changeover time including VHP cycle of around 2 hrs
  • Siemens and Rockwell controls
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

FlexPro50 installations worldwide

FlexPro 50

Our Highlights

The integrated automatic (via HMI) Toxic Air Filter Module (FZ-ATAF) is installed close to the contamination source and reliably prevents leakage of highly active substances. Convenient operation by HMI, easy cleaning (WiP) and safe (OEB6).

Total isolator height of 3 meter /10ft
The integrated Franz Ziel isolator technology fits in a standard clean room. Ideal for retrofits in existing facilities or modular facilities where no technical area is limited or even not available.

LyoShuttle Loading System
Integration of Martin Christ‘s LyoShuttle – the innovative, robust, and wireless isolator-
friendly loading and unloading system freeze dryer.

Robotic handling
Eliminates human intervention and reduces risk to products.

Operator friendly
Ergonomically designed with operator and interventions considered to reduce risk.

3 formats on 1 platform
Processing of syringes, vials and cartridges.

… and many more

Fully automated processes
The fully automated line execution eliminates the need for human intervention into the filling line.

Infeed transfer options
The groninger No-Touch-Transfer and the Franz Ziel H2O2 chamber provide safe and simple transfers of RTU containers into the isolator.

Smart fill technology
gronigner offers a wide range of features to eliminate product waste during priming, production and run-empty phases.

Quick Connect philosophy
Designed for tool-less change over and minimal format parts.

Freeze drying capabilities
The Martin Christ portfolio offers state of the art freeze dryers with a wide range of PAT-Tools and SCADA-System LPCplus.

Zone concepts
With individually controlled isolator modules, different requirements for various OEB and BSL levels can be met.

Complete Downstream Equipment
groninger offers a comprehense downstream equipment for object processing, from plunger rod insertion to safety device assembly and labelling.

Capable of processing nested vials, syringes and cartridges in one line configuration and bulk vials, trayed vials and eye drop container by exchanging machine trolleys.