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A joint cross-company development project by groninger and SKAN resulted a unique line concept for vial processing – aptly named INTEGRA.

The INTEGRA product family is a sophisticated line concept that integrates both isolator and fi lling machine to grant a unique customer experience. This vision shared by groninger and SKAN has been realized in the shortest period of time.

Available with different line speeds up to 400 objects/minute and with oRABS or standardized isolator technology, the INTEGRA becomes the latest member of the groninger Business Line.

Also, groninger and SKAN are breaking new ground visually. The innovative product family already sends a clear message with its puristic design.

That‘s why INTEGRA already received the ACHEMA Innovation Award 2018.


  • Unique operator friendliness
    The INTEGRA is designed for greatest operator friendliness. The ultra slim line set-up allows to operate the entire line from one side where every part of the machine can be reached easily.
  • QUICKCONNECT – Shortest changeover times
    The focus on the INTEGRA is to ensure the shortest set-up time possible. By eliminating over 50% of the conventional format parts and making the existing ones “intelligent” with an individual data matrix code, operators achieve a safe changeover and shortest set-up times.
  • SMARTFILL – Minimum possible product loss
    A maximum in machine efficiency is granted with some unique features. Starting with minimum product loss during run-in and run-empty modes, all processes are set up for optimal effective line speed and minimum container loss.
  • Ideal for processing toxic products
    The shift of the sterile barrier from the technical area into the machine, the clean design and no vacuum on the entire line in combination with an ideal design to drain cleaning water differentiates the INTEGRA significantly from other solutions
    on the market.