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FlexCon 10

Syringe Assembly Machine

FlexCon 10 is an assembly machine for inserting plunger rods in syringes, labelling and inserting syringes in safety devices.

Product safety takes first priority in all three process stages on this machine. Transporting of the individual syringes has been optimized to achieve maximum care, and can be optionally performed without any contact at all. Insertion of the plunger rods is electronically controlled. Labels are precisely applied and syringes reliably inserted in their end position in the safety devices in a continuous controlled insertion movement.


  • Processing of syringes, vials and cartridges possible
  • All infeeds on one side of the machine (for plunger rods, finger flange, labels, safety devices)
  • No rejection of good syringes
  • Output: up to 4,200 objects/h
  • Nominal processing range: 6.85 – 17.05 mm
  • Filling volume: 0.5 – 10 ml