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FlexCare 100 with Robotic Handling

The slim and LF-friendly machine design consistently complies with GMP requirements, enhanced by optimum accessibility and ease of cleaning.

Customized to your requirements, a wide variety of machine functions can be added to this system, including pre-gassing, gassing during filling and post-gassing, filling, dropper and spray pump insertion, closing and torque-controlled pretorquing and post-torquing with servo-motors.

Maximum flexibility and availability with options such as fast format changeover without tools. The stable transport with walking beam makes it easy to install fully automatic 100% In-Process-Control. The ease of implementation of batch and audit trail logs simplifies GMP-relevant documentation of production data.

Machine functions:

  • Filling systems: rotary piston pump, peristaltic pump, mass fl ow meter with option for CIP/SIP
  • 100% weight check
  • Pre- and post-gassing
  • Closing with up to 3 components
  • Control systems

Technical data:

  • Output: up to 7,200 objects/h
  • Nominal processing range: Ø 16-68 mm
  • Filling volume: 1 ml – 500 ml

Robotic Handling


  • flexible technology is to replace sorting bowls by a more reliable and more efficient sorting system
  • sorting system doesn’t have no jams nor stops
  • direct insertion of closures into infeed conveyor
  • output up to 100/min with one ABB Flexpicker
  • vision and lightening system to detect location and orientation of closures

multi-functional system:

  • capable to unload closures from trays; infeed and outfeed of trays by conveyors
  • capable to handle closures as bulk; hopper and pre-orientation unit are integrated in robot cell
  • closures can be press-on caps, screw-on caps and pumps with dip-tubes

short changeover time

  • in 3 min
  • 2 format parts (vacuum pick-up head and chute at infeed conveyor)
  • tool-less change-over

space saving system:

  • less storage space for format parts compared to vibratory sorting bowls.
  • small footprint approx. 2.1 x 1.6 m compared to vibratory sorting bowl and hopper