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BioConnection, a CMO specialized in injectable (bio)pharmaceutical products

BioConnection is one of the first European CMOs to provide sterile production facilities as well as expertise for small/ medium sized (bio)pharmaceutical companies. With BioConnection you have access to aseptic production of small-scale clinical batches, filling and freeze-drying as well as 250L scale production of commercial batches. All under one roof and EMA and US-FDA certified.

BioConnection services customers from a FDA approved manufacturing site in Oss, the Netherlands. Besides their own facility they have access to various partners across Europe to enable unmatched flexibility in solutions, capacity and capability. The cornerstones of their CMC services are:

  • Drug product development
  • Fill and Finish
  • Freeze-drying
  • Clinical Trial Material services

„The INTEGRA is the perfect machine for a CMO as we are. We can cut down our set-up and changeover times by around 50% based on the QuickConnect technology and the elimination of format parts in general over traditional bulk filling lines. To further support our business as a CMO, the Groninger FastLane approach is game changing in the industry when it comes to flexibility unknown future demands. The Groninger expertise in bulk filling lines especially for CMOs and our know-how in drug manufacturing resulted in a great cooperation and partnership our clients benefit from,“ says Sjaak Stevense, Director Commercial Productions.

About BioConnection

BioConnection is a contract services and manufacturing organization for the development and manufacturing of injectable (bio)pharmaceutical products.

  • Sector: Pharmaceuticals
  • Special field: Drug Product development Fill and Finish, Freeze-drying, Clinical Trial Material services
  • Location: Oss (Netherlands)
  • Founding: 2005

Get more information about BioConnection: www.bioconnection.eu