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FLEXIBILITY for your next batches. A versatile combination.

With ever more new pharmaceutical drug products entering the market, pharmaceutical companies are facing new challenges when it comes to fill and finish. These processes now need to adapt to different output speeds, changeover times or the ability to process nested containers i.e. syringes, cartridges or vials on one filling line. Particularly pharma companies in the biotech or cell and gene therapy development as well as large pharma manufacturers with CMO activities are subsequently in need of flexible approaches in fill and finish.

To meet the growing demand for more flexibility in aseptic manufacturing, the companies are bringing together adaptiQ® Ready-To-Use (RTU) vials from SCHOTT, RayDyLyo® RTU plastic push fit caps from ARaymond, and the Nestfiller machine portfolio from Groninger.

The pre-sterilized, nested adaptiQ® vials are part of the SCHOTT iQ® platform. This holistic concept standardizes RTU syringes, vials, and cartridges within a single tub format to run on the same filling line, minimizing changeover time in between. All listed components can be filled and closed on the groninger Nestfiller portfolio from smaller outputs to high speed equipment.

The groninger Nestfillers are designed and built to handle all nested components by simply changing format parts and therefore reducing the needed machinery significantly. In case of existing equipment, a retrofit from a syringe to nested vials or cartridges is possible by installing or exchanging a set of format parts.

While running nested vials, the de-nesting and final closing with an aluminum cap on separate equipment is still common, yet adds complexity and investment costs to the process. With RayDyLyo® press fit caps this step is eliminated as they stopper and seal containers in one step. Furthermore, ARaymond’s product allow groninger to equip the press fit technology on new or existing equipment the same way a new nested format is mounted on the machine, by exchanging the sorting parts on the filling machine.

The combination of ARaymond, groninger and SCHOTT products is designed to meet the needs of future fill and finish operations by providing maximum flexibility.

groninger –

Filling and closing machine

  • Process security using closing force measurement designed for push fit caps
  • Flexibility in processing of all nested components just by changing format parts
  • Scalability by applying the same processes for each output range

Schott –

IQ Plattform

Develop, deliver and improve injectable drugs. Like never before. With the iQ® holistic  platform to standardize ready-to-use (RTU) packaging components and improve the quality of RTU containers.

ARaymond –


  • RayDyLyo® plastic push fit cap, a new standard for vial capping, that replaces aluminum cap
  • Suitable for ISO 8362-2 rubber stoppers,pre-validated by the customer
  • Suitable for ISO 8362-1 vials