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Cosmetics our soulutions for the cosmetics industry Filling and closing systems for cremes, lotions, make-up, fragrance and much more


We master our customers’ tasks through creative ideas and convincing concepts and are already developing new solutions for the requirements of the future. We demonstrate our claim to technological leadership for filling machines and cosmetics processes through constant improvement and passion for exceptional performance.

We know cosmetics.

Since the founding of our company in 1980, our contributions ensure that people are supplied with high quality cosmetics products. groninger machines and systems are used worldwide.

Our worldwide network of sales partners spans across all continents in the world. Our groninger systems are produced at our locations in Germany and in the US – quality „made in Germany“ and „made in USA“. In order to always be up to date, we are constantly researching the latest trends, actively seeking dialog and we are already working on the ideas of tomorrow to continue to set standards in the international cosmetics markets.

Our experience and range of services does not only extend to filling and closing systems, we provide you with comprehensive consulting – from the manufacture of primary packaging to filling, sorting and feeding systems and robot systems for automation. Thanks to our 40 years of process and system expertise, we are able offer you a complete solution for your application.


The current changes in the cosmetics industry demand market leaders like groninger to have a very high level of know-how and expertise in all aspects of cosmetics processes, products and system designs. groninger is the right partner at your side because we know what is important in your industry. We know cosmetics.

At groninger, we follow the current trends in the cosmetics markets closely and have developed a wide range of accessories for all aspects of filling. Therefore, we offer you comprehensive process solutions–perfectly tailored to your requirements. See for yourself and find out about our know-how, impressive features, perfectly coordinated processes and unique solutions.

Skin Care

We guarantee reliable and optically perfect filling results and secure sealing of jars and small bottles made of glass and plastic.

Color Care

Mascara, lip gloss and eyeliner: With maximum process reliability and precise control, we exceed our customers‘ expectations. Our excellent sealing technology also works with unstable and conical containers.

Body and Hair

We fill liquid soap, body and hair care products flexibly and individually tailored to the product and object. The maximum end product quality is our goal.

Robotic feeding and handling

With our holistic consulting know-how and experience, we are able to advise and support you in all aspects of cosmetic filling. Furthermore, we offer you comprehensive knowledge in the field of robot technology due to a large number of implemented projects. Thus we can offer you the best possible processes for your requirements.


Flexible and format-independent, we also process unusual bottle designs. We offer the highest level of process reliability with precise control of the filling process for perfume, after shave and eau de toilette. For both small and large production batches.


Thanks to a broad, proven plant portfolio and a high level of innovative power for new technologies and processes, we always ensure maximum process reliability by minimizing risks as far as possible.

1. Stocking and feeding

  • Bottles and caps are stored in bunkers equipped with elevators or vibratory drives
  • Sorting pots, centrifugal sorters or robot systems are used for feeding bulk material
  • Trays can be depalletized, handled, unloaded and loaded by robots
  • Robots are equipped with camera systems for object recognition

2. Filling and cleaning

  • Product supply via pipeline, IBC containers, pressure tanks
  • Filling systems
    • Fully circumetric filling systems (rotary or linear piston pumps)
    • Mass flow meter (MDM)
  • Cleaning
    • In-line (CIP/SIP)
    • Off -line (in the washroom)
  • Special functions
    • Spinning during filling
    • Gasing: before – during – after filling
    • Tare / gross weighing
    • Explosion protection according to ATEX or NEC505

3. Sealing

  • Possibility to combine many different types of closures can be processed with one workstation
  • Many different types of closures: stoppers, reducers or droppers with insertion/application stations
  • Bounce caps and bounce pumps with spring-loaded placement stations
  • Screw caps and screw pumps with servo-driven capping stations

  • Crimp pumps, crimping pumps

4. Transport of objects

  • Conventional conveyor belts
  • Positive guidance with rake or cell chain
  • Freely programmable transport carriers through the use of intelligent transport systems
  • Free transport without transport buckets
  • Stable transport with transport cup

5. Labeling

  • Bottom or lid labelling
  • Thermal transfer printer
  • Inkjet printer
  • Laser Printer
  • Orientation of the objects
  • Control: presence and correctness with camera systems

6. Others

  • Transfer to downstream machines
  • Blow out and vacuum the bottles and crucibles from above or overhead from below
  • Inspection with vision systems
  • Integration of customer-specific applications
  • Validation documents and processes
  • Effective project management

Satisfied customers world wide.

„I appreciate groninger as a qualified, serious and transparent machine manufacturer. It is available at all times and is open to new technical solutions.“

Pablo Moras


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