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Processing OTC, diagnostic products and health supplements.

Machine concepts for the healthcare market.

Systems by groninger process precisely the products that are in high demand in the healthcare market. They include non-prescription medicines, oral products to strengthen immune defenses, products for alleviating colds, hygiene articles, e.g. for oral hygiene, health supplements, diagnostic as well as skin and hair care products.

Well-established business unit: Consumer Healthcare.

In addition to Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics, groninger is establishing Consumer Healthcare as its third business unit. We support consumer healthcare manufacturers across the board with our expertise and experience. Besides, we are well-familiar with the business. The consumer healthcare industry shares many common features with the consumer goods and healthcare industry. Many of the machines that we have built for our pharmaceutical and cosmetics customers have been and are still being used for consumer healthcare production.

However, what is new is our clear focus and strategic approach to intensify activities in this sector. We speak the same language as our customers and we have reorganized our internal and external processes to match theirs. This clear positioning makes us stand out from the crowd as a competent partner.

Ready for the future.

Along with our customers, we aim to tap into new medical-technical options, capitalize on new business potential, shape actively the rapidly changing markets and satisfy high consumer standards. With our three business units, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and consumer healthcare, we are ready for the future!


Sprays and drops


Medical Care and Hygiene


Dietary Supplements

Highly flexible filling and closing – systems for medium to high output.

The slim and LF-friendly machine design consistently complies with GMP requirements, enhanced by optimum accessibility and ease of cleaning. Customized to your requirements, a wide variety of machine functions can be added to this system, including pre-gassing, gassing during filling and post-gassing, filling, dropper and spray pump insertion, closing and torque-controlled pretorquing and post-torquing with servo-motors.

Maximum flexibility and availability with options such as fast format changeover without tools. The stable transport with walking beam makes it easy to install fully automatic 100%
In-Process-Control. The ease of implementation of batch and audit trail logs simplifies GMP-relevant documentation of production data.

Installations on 5 continents

„groninger is an innovative and customer-oriented company“

Thomas Karlen

Weleda AG

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​Do you have any questions about groninger solutions? We’re here to help!

Get in contact with us!

​Do you have any questions about groninger solutions? We’re here to help!